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“It is in giving, that we receive.”

The full ethos can be found here.


The three pillars of our ethos are derived from the caring approach of the founder of the modern Hospice movement: Dame Cicely Saunders.

First Pillar. Dame Cicely based her Hospice care on Hospitality to all, spiritual values of compassion consisting not only of empathy but actually taking steps to prevent and alleviated suffering.

Second Pillar. The team must care for each other so that we can move forward together, each award that all we do for patient and family and each other, allows the patient to come to peace with their God and their family during severe illness and at life closure which is a special time of life for us all.

Third Pillar. This is our recognition that we cannot take on this immense task alone for Africa. In order to do so we must work with and respect others who are working in similar ways. It is the third pillar that has brought us to bring into being the Palliative Care Association of Uganda so all in Uganda can work together, and later the African Palliative Care Association which brings all those in Africa together. Together, we are working with Governments and policies so that this approach can be an integral approach of all health professionals and those who make decisions re health services throughout Africa.

All our decisions at every level need a compassionate person, willing to be aware of the needs of patients and families, to be the decision maker.

“If you want to go fast: go alone, if you want to go far: go together.” (African proverb)

The ethos of HAU is fundamental to the work of the organisation. The ethos includes our team, volunteering, patient and family, attention to detail, a caring management team and working in partnership.

HAU is founded on the belief in the power of the team. HAU with its team, their families, friends, members, the palliative care community and many others, move together in the spirit of hospitality. The work of palliative care must be practiced in loving compassion.

Worldwide hospices rely on volunteers; it is no different in HAU. Selfless giving has been and continues to be core to volunteers and the team at HAU. We depend on our volunteers in so many ways. Volunteers are discussed here.

The importance of a strong, open, accountable management team is clear for any organisation. HAU places a great deal of importance on this. The management team is acutely aware of its responsibility to the team and patient as it carries out its activities.

Partnerships are important to all aspects of HAU’s work. From the need to co-manage patient care with various other health care providers to the need to collaborate on courses with Makerere University to the need to coordinate advocacy efforts with associations HAU partners to the betterment of its work.