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The management of HAU has transitioned in the last 23 years several times. From management by the founder from 1993 - 2002 to delegation to an Executive Director, to a team model where three senior HAU managers serving at directorship capacities as Clinical Director, Finance Director and HR/Admin Directors were chosen to work in coordination as the Chief Executive Team (CET) to provide unified leadership, to now a Chief Executive Director.

Effective June, 2016, Dr. Mwebesa Eddie (MD,ChB,MMed,MPH) who was one of the 3 Directors in the tripartite leadership at Hospice Africa Uganda from June, 2014 was appointed the Chief Executive Director (CED) replacing the CET to lead the organization while working with a team of Senior Management Team (SMT) that consists of Heads of Departments and Site Managers.

Dr. Eddie (pictured left) has worked with Hospice Africa Uganda for over 10 years, previously taking on different roles as a medical doctor seeing patients on a daily basis and Clinical Director during which time he gained significant knowledge and experience in the field of Palliative Care that will help him greatly in his role as the CED.

The Leadership of the Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa (IHPCA) which is Hospice Africa Uganda’s education arm is headed by Professor Stanley Wilson Acuda.

Dr. Anne Merriman, the founder of Hospice Africa Uganda is now the head of International Programs and focusing more on ensuring that HAU’s Palliative Care model is transferred to other African countries where services are still limited through training and advocacy.



Leadership Profile

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