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HOSPICE AFRICA UGANDA (HAU) is the model Hospice for HOSPICE AFRICA. Hospice Africa was founded in 1992 and registered in UK in 1993. The founding mission is to bring peace through relief of suffering in Africa through the support of palliative care. HAU was founded in 1993. Less than 5% of cancer patients reach chemo or radiotherapy. PC was extended to HIV/AIDS in 1994. The Mission was to be achieved through an affordable and culturally acceptable model. Uganda was chosen as the model for Africa, and thus became the fourth country to commence palliative care in Sub-Saharan Africa However it was the first to commence with a vision for the whole of Africa. At that time, palliative care was being practiced in Zimbabwe (1979), S Africa (1980) and Nairobi Hospice, (1990). HAU was registered in Uganda as NGO no. 1064 in 1994, and since 1998, incorporates Mobile Hospice Mbarara and Little Hospice Hoima. HAU Complex incorporates the Clinical, Education and International Programs aspects of our work, reflected at the three sites. We cannot exist without each other. Kindly do select any factsheet you may wish to read from the list below by clicking on the link

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