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The establishment of this foundation is the result of the work of a task group established by Prof Merriman to find a mechanism to ensure that all the Hospice Africa entities around the world would continue to work towards the founding vision and to adhere to the Hospice Africa Ethos, after the founders had ceased to be active.

The establishment of the HA Foundation is under process.

The group has developed two documents:

  1. The Charter which establishes the Foundation and which all H.A. entities will sign and adopt in order to be members of the Foundation


  1. The terms of reference of the Governing Council established by the charter. The Governing Council will consist of the active founders, representatives of the members of the Foundation and others appointed for their special expertise.

Members of the Foundation will be dedicated to the Founding Vision, ethos and spirit of Hospice Africa. Through this they will engage in fundraising to (i) support education and services and/or (ii) assist in the advancement of palliative care in Africa in accordance with the “Merriman Model”. They will ensure this by agreeing to be bound by the contents of this Charter.

Members will support and encourage other members, sharing ideas and adapting to changes in Africa and the world and to collaborate as appropriate in the provision of services and/or raising of funds.

Members will be entitled to use any of the Foundation’s Mutually Developed Intellectual Property for the furtherance of the Founding Vision. “Mutually Developed Intellectual Property” shall consist of all the intellectual property of the Foundation’s members that relates to the Founding Vision, whether developed prior to a member’s admission to the Foundation or during their membership.

Members will make the intellectual property available on a non- profit basis to any person or entity wishing to provide palliative care in accordance with the “Merriman Model” on receiving an acknowledgement that such Mutually Developed Intellectual Property remains the property of the Foundation and will be used on a non-profit basis.

The Governing Committee’s duties will be to:

  • advise and assist members of the Foundation in furthering the Founding Vision and abiding by its ethos and spirit,
  • promote cooperation and sharing between members of the Foundation,
  • fundraise on behalf of the Foundation or individual members and facilitate the sharing of sources of funds or fund raising ideas between members,
  • ensure compliance with the terms of this Charter by review, advice and, in the last resort, expulsion from the Foundation.

At present a final draft of both documents is being presented to the boards of all Hospice entities for consideration and approval

Current Members of the H.A. Foundation

HAUK was the initial funder and has continued to offer support for various programmes HAU conducts. Find more information about HAUK here.

Hospice Africa Ireland was created as Friends of Hospice Ireland and has been working to support HAU since 1999. Find more information about HAI here.

Hospice Africa France (Soins Palliatifs) formed in 2009 works to support various HAU activities, with a primary focus on supporting the expansion of palliative care in Francophone Africa. Find out more about HAF here.

Hospice Africa the Netherlands was formed in 2009 and focuses its fundraising efforts to support the work of Mobile Hospice Mbarara. Find out more about HAN here.

Hospice Africa United States was formed in 2010, primarily to support the activities of Little Hospice Hoima. Find out more about HAUS here.

The Hospice Africa Foundation

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