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We write quarterly publications of the HAU annual report. Here you will find a list of our previous annual reports. Kindly do select any report you may wish to read by clicking on the link

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Dr. Anne Merriman has led an extraordinary life and in 1993, in her mid 50’s she started her mission to bring palliative care to everyone in need in Africa. This book tells the heartbreaking, funny, and inspirational tale of how it all began.
Purchase your copy here.

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"Palliative Medicine, Pain and Symptom Control in the Cancer and/or AIDS Patients in Uganda and other African Countries,” known as the Blue Book here at HAU is a valuable tool for any healthcare professional who is working in palliative care. You can download a copy either in English or French.


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HOSPICE AFRICA UGANDA (HAU) is the model Hospice for HOSPICE AFRICA. Hospice Africa was founded in 1992 and registered in UK in 1993. The founding mission is to bring peace through relief of suffering in Africa through the support of palliative care. HAU was founded in 1993. Less than 5% of cancer patients reach chemo or radiotherapy. PC was extended to HIV/AIDS in 1994.

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