HAU Subscriber membership Idea is a shared feeling of concerned stakeholders working together in mutual support in responding to the Palliative care needs. It is premised on the recognition that by working together in partnership, we shall achieve more in our responses and will give hope to families, patients and communities to live quality lives while facing life threatening illnesses.

You are invited to apply to be a member of Hospice Africa (Uganda). Qualities of Members include;


  1. Should have the aim and aspirations of Hospice Uganda at heart and want to support the total care of dying patients throughout Uganda.
  2. Be prepared to pay membership and subscription (see rates below)


Benefits for all categories

  1. Networking through sharing lists of members and their contacts and attendance of AGMs.
  2. Receive HAU Membership e-Certificate if requested by the member
  3. monthly e-fact sheets
  4. Quarterly HAU e-newsletter
  5. e-annual report






Student Membership: National or international Programmes (Short or long course) (IHPCA) with Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa. Students from other institutes including those on internship are also encouraged to become member.

  • Annual: UGX 30,000 Nationals
  • Annual: UGX 70,000 Internationals
  • Access the HAU Resource Centre and receive periodical electronic Palliative Care updates and other IEC materials.
  • Discounts on educational and book materials as well as resources
  • Courses offered and conferences with the learning opportunity to meet your timeline and your budget
  • Expeditious review of research protocols by HAU research ethics committee
  • Research fees reduced by 10% (for non- Palliative Care students )
  • Invitation to attend patient case conferences and the journal club
  • Access Articles of the journal club
  • Can have exposure to PC services through either home and hospital visits or community outreach clinic

Staff and Locums Membership: These are HAU full time, part-time staffs and locums from the 3 HAU hospices in Uganda including Hospice Kampala, Mobile Hospice Mbarara and Little Hospice Hoima. This category also includes the CET. Members in this category can also be individual members.

  • Annual: UGX 50,000 Officer
  • Annual: UGX 100,000 Managers
  • Annual: UGX 250,000 CET member


  • Free medical consultations with hospice clinician for the member and their family at the nearest hospice
  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Voting rights for the selection of HAU's board of directors (for only the CET)
  • Preferential selection to participate in Palliative care Workshops, conferences and meetings
  • Discount on purchase of HAU resource materials


Individuals Membership: These are local or Internationals persons who are share HAU Mission, Vision and Aspirations and have strong interest in the sustainability of the organization. These include professionals, Board Members, private individuals and carers of patients.

  • Annual: UGX 100,000 Bronze
  • Annual: UGX 200,000 Silver
  • Annual: UGX 400,000 Gold


  • Eligibility for membership on the HAU Board of Directors
  • Voting rights during AGM
  • Access the HAU Resource Centre
  • Free medical consultations with HAU clinician.
  • A Hard Copy of the annual report will be delivered and audited accounts on request.
  • Receive an updated list of members with contacts, once per year.
  • Can receive recommendation letters from the HAU CET for support to local, regional and international workshops.
  • Members will have a lapel
  • Other items should be available like HAU branded pens or HAU calendars

Life time Membership: are individuals with marked interest in the development and sustainability of Palliative care in HAU, Uganda and Africa. They offer a one off significant membership payment to boost the agenda of furthering palliative care in the organization.

Individual life members UGX 1,000,000,

  • A Joint press conference or newspaper story for corporate entities
  • Dissemination on HAU website and social media for corporates entities
  • Branded T-shirts for individual life members.
  • Access to a dynamic, growing community of palliative care experts and supporters, through once a year list for life time members
  • Cross linking to organizational website from HAU website
  • Recognition of support on the HAU website and annual report
  • Hard copy of annual report
  • A framed HAU life membership certificate
  • Opportunities for practical involvement in HAU activities including PC week, aware drives, marathon.
  • Discounts on HAU events where payment is expected
  • One free palliative care orientation workshop annually (on request for the corporate members)
  • Access the HAU Resource Centre
  • Free palliative care services at the nearest hospice for the life member.
  • To vote and be elected to serve on the HAU Board of Directors (BOD) if not concurrently an HAU staff.
  • One presentation per year on palliative care to corporate life members.
  • Members will have a lapel
  • Other items should be available like HAU branded or HAU calendars