HomeGeneral rules

•    Silence must be observed in all public reading areas.
•    Mobile Phones are not allowed in the Resource Centre.
•     Readers must not take bags, briefcases, paper bags etc into the Resource Centre without the permission of the Resource Centre Coordinator.
•    Smoking and the consumption of food and drinks are forbidden in all parts of the Resource Centre and computer lab.
•     Books consulted within the Resource Centre should be left on the table after use.
•     Personal books taken into the Resource Centre must be opened for checking at the exit.
•     A borrower who mutilates or defaces a book will be fined shs 5,000/= per book or be asked to pay the replacement cost and a fine of shs 5,000/= depending on the extent of damage.
•     External users must obtain permission to use the Resource Centre facilities.
The above guidelines will be reviewed from time to time depending on changing circumstances.