Hospice Kampala is the headquarters of Hospice Africa Uganda.

Hospice Africa Uganda has started in Kampala in 1993, after that Dr Anne Merriman and her team decided Uganda was the most suitable country for the Hospice model for Africa. Dr Anne Merriman recalls: “With me luggage in the back, I started to look for accommodation. By the end of the day I hadn’t found anything! Dead tired and constantly dozing off, I decided to go back to the Sisters and hope for their help again. Seeing how tired I was, they graciously took me in. Hence, it was in Nsambya Hospital that the model for palliative care was born”. The sisters of the Nsambya Hospital gave her and her team a two-room house for providing palliative care. And in 1994, the current plot in Makindye was generously bought for the nascent Hospice Africa Uganda.

Over the years Hospice Kampala has developed enormously till today, continuously constructing new buildings to be used by the growing team and to become the headquarters of a leading organisation in African palliative care.

The Hospice Kampala provides patients’ care as it has always been, in outpatient consultation, day care, home visits and outreaches. Patients’ care relies on community volunteers based in the communities as in the two other sites. The pharmacy receives all medicine that are later sent with our own vehicles to the two other sites with medical sundries and other equipment.

Hospice Kampala includes the Morphine Production Unit (MPU) supervised by a chemist quality officer and a pharmacist. It produces liquid oral morphine for the whole country under a private-public partnership.

The administration block in Hospice Kampala includes the Human Resources and Administration Department and the Finance and Procurement Department that are covering the three sites. It also includes the Programme and Development Department in charge of constantly interacting and reporting to the donors and looking for new funding opportunities and donors.

Hospice Kampala includes the Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa (IHPCA) that trains professionals from Uganda with short courses and health professionals from the whole continent through degree programmes. The IHPCA is an awarding institution accredited by the National Council for Higher Education, and it has an academic partnership with Makarere University. To know more about the IHPCA, please consult the IHPCA’s page here.

Finally the Hospice Kampala hosts the International Programmes that initiates palliative care in African countries since 2000. The Department is led by the Founder Dr Anne Merriman. It trains health professionals in palliative care in English and in French. The team follows up the former trainees and visits the countries to provide support in training and public advocacy. The International Programmes have strategic partnerships with the African Palliative Care Association that is located very near Hospice Kampala. To know more about the International Programmes, please consult the International Programmes’ page here.

Though activities are diverse, all the efforts of the team members of Hospice Kampala are focused on the well-being of our patients and families and on the still unreached in pain and distress in Africa. See HAU Ethos here.

Hospice Kampala

Hospice Kampala