2018 is the silver Jubilee of Hospice Africa Uganda and introduction of palliative care to Uganda.

This is Our Journey…

  1. HAU has brought Uganda into International arena:
    1. Uganda is the country with most integrated palliative care in Africa on a par with UK, US and Australia. (WHO and WHPCA Atlas of Palliative Care 2014)
    2. Uganda is seen as the second best place to die in Africa today. (Economist survey 2015)
  2. Spread palliative care to 93 of the 112 Districts in Uganda today through the nurses, trained with a specialist Diploma at IHPCA.
  3. Since 2010, offers degrees in conjunction with Makerere University in Palliative care to Ugandans and all in Africa.
  4. In 2008: Commenced Makerere Palliative Care Unit in the department of Medicine (MPU)
  5. Introduced palliative medicine into the undergraduate curriculum at Makerere (1994) and MUST (1998).
  6. In 2011: Public Private Partnership with MOH and HAU was made for HAU to start manufacturing oral morphine for all of Uganda at our site in Makindye.
  7. Since 2004, has provided free oral morphine to all prescribed by a recognised prescriber and is the first country to do so.
  8. In 2003, directed the steering committee and founded the African Palliative Care Association (APCA).
  9. 2002: Statute change so that nurses and CO’s trained in palliative care (at HAU with a Diploma (DPCC)) can prescribe morphine.
  10. In 2000, International Programme Department commenced to support other African countries with advocacy and training.
  11. In 1999, Founded the Palliative care Association of Uganda (PCAU)
  12. In 1993, Hospice Africa chose Uganda as the country to model palliative care for all of Africa and Hospice Africa Uganda was founded.
  13. Has proven achievements through working with Government and Ministry of Health:
    • First country in Africa to increase prescribers from doctors only to task shifting to specially trained Nurses. This was due to the addition of this to the statute allowing midwives to prescribe pethidine for women in labour. This went through Parliament in 2003.
  14. Founder, Dr Anne Merriman, has received international recognition for the relief of suffering in Uganda and Africa, through the following awards:
    • Nominated for Nobel Peace prize 2014
    • IAHPC award
    • Honorary awards and degrees from Universities in UK and Ireland since 2001
    • Honorary Professor of Palliative Medicine, Makerere University
    • Lifetime achievement award APCA 2014
    • Achievement award AORTIC 2015 African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer)
    • Medical Alumni of the year UCD 2016
  15. In 25 years, HAU has cared for 31,000+ patients in Uganda, mainly in their own homes, where they wish to be at this special time of life, with their families and close to their ancestors.

                                       *25 years of spreading hope in Uganda, help us spread it for 25 more*