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The International Program of HAU on 15th March commissioned 13 more healthcare workers after successfully completing a 5 week’s Palliative Care Initiator’s Course. The health workers were from Ghana, Sudan, Guinea Conakry and Uganda and included nurses, clinical officers, a medical doctor and social workers.

The Palliative Care Initiator’s Course is designed for health workers wishing to start Palliative Care in their countries or health facilities and it’s a very intensive course that includes both theoretical and clinical placements where participants spend two weeks interacting with patients at our different sites.

 “I had a lot of pain because of cancer, I could not sleep at night, and I was so worried and stressed. I even developed high blood pressure and got stroke.” This was the live of Peter Karyarugoki when he first came to Mobile Hospice Mbarara nearly 10 years ago.

Peter now 79 years, is a retired civil servant from Mutukula 1 ward, Nyakayozo Division in Mbarara District and married to 2 wives with 19 children.

Peter’s misery started in 2005 when he lost his closest brother. “He was a very good friend of mine and when he died, I thought of also dying.” Peter became so stressed and miserable. He developed high blood pressure and later was attacked by stroke which worsened his condition and was admitted at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital for a long time.

Hospice Africa Uganda on 26th October, 2016 launched a fundraising drive that led to the official ground-breaking in November of the dame year for an exciting new centre of excellence called the BEEHIVE HOSPICE to help improve the care, expand quality of services and reach more patients in need of palliative care mainly those suffering from terminal illnesses like Cancer and HIV/Aids.

Shamim Nantaza, at 12 years, had a dream of completing her studies and become a journalist only her beautiful dream to be shattered when she was diagnosed with parotid cancer, in 2003. Shamim who has two siblings, is the eldest child in her family. The doctors at Mulago Hospital in Kampala put her on treatment and later referred her to Hospice Africa Uganda for palliative care.

Although she has not been healed, now 23 years old Shamim lives gracefully and happy with her new lease of life of no suffering and free of pain where she is playing a pivotal role in supporting her fellow cancer patients.  At Hospice Africa Uganda, she has been receiving drugs which have enormously reduced her pain.

Ochecho Vicent  is a 10 year old child from Katanabirwa in Kyankwanzi District and was first seen by Hospice Africa Uganda team from Hoima Regional Refferal Hospital (HRRH) with a working diagnosis of Burkitt lymphoma. O V is the last born in a family of 8 children. His father deserted the family 2 years ago and married another woman leaving them in a dire condition since he was the bread winner. The mother now makes and sells mukomboti, a local potent gin while his other siblings do odd jobs for survival.

“The Bistro team is making a difference and you are a part of this. Let's work hand in hand with Hospice Uganda,” says Jasjit Mangat, the proprietor of Bistro Restaurant

 Hospice Africa Uganda partners with The Bistro Restaurant, Kampala, to raise funds to support critically ill patients

 A popular Kampala restaurant has launched a unique fundraising campaign, #H2OSPICE, aimed at raising vital funds for Hospice Africa Uganda, an inspiring charity which cares for thousands of seriously illand dying people die in Uganda.

 Mary Gahoire is a 45 year old mother of 6 children from Hoima District. She is one of our first beneficiary for the radiotherapy treatment for cervical cancer at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi supported by the Road to Care Programme.

In February, 2016 Mary experienced virginal bleeding for several days. This prompted her to visit Hoima Regional Hospital where the doctors upon examination, suspected cervical cancer and they immediately got from her a biopsy for histology tests in Kampala.

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