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The International Program of HAU on 15th March commissioned 13 more healthcare workers after successfully completing a 5 week’s Palliative Care Initiator’s Course. The health workers were from Ghana, Sudan, Guinea Conakry and Uganda and included nurses, clinical officers, a medical doctor and social workers.

The Palliative Care Initiator’s Course is designed for health workers wishing to start Palliative Care in their countries or health facilities and it’s a very intensive course that includes both theoretical and clinical placements where participants spend two weeks interacting with patients at our different sites.


One of the participants, Denis Mulenzi, a nurse with Mukono Church of Uganda Hospital said; “this training has been quite good; the trainers explored so much within the short period and the hands-on approach to the training simplified everything and I can say, we have gained confidence in providing care to patients with chronic illnesses.  Adding; “I will go back and immediately start the process of establishing Palliative Care services in our hospital.”

HAU has been carrying out outreaches to Mukono district for long due to large number of Palliative care patients in the area who cannot make it to our center in Kampala but now with Denis on board, we hope to see PC services provided at Mukono Church of Uganda Hospital in the near future. We will work with Denis to see PC services is established in the hospital.

HAU has now trained over 245 healthcare workers in the Palliative Care Initiator’s Course from different Anglophone countries. We also provide similar trainings to the Francophone countries where we have now trained 137 health workers.

HAU will continue to provide mentorship to these health workers as they initiative and grow Palliative Care services in their respective locations.

HAU concludes the 14th Anglophone Initiator’s Course in Kampala

HomePC NewsNews UpdatesHAU concludes the 14th Anglophone Initiator’s Course in Kampala