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Because of the tireless work of the HAU team with Dr Anne Merriman much national international recognition has been increasingly coming to HAU. These include:

Recognitions and Awards – Hospice Africa Uganda

Recognition for outstanding contributions for initiatives to introduce palliative care to patients in great pain in Uganda, the Permanent Secretary and the Minister of Health, 2013

African Palliative Care Association Institutional Advocacy Award, 2013

Certificate of Appreciation for training and providing palliative care services in Uganda for twenty years, PCAU and MoH, 2013

Winner of the PCAU Soccer Gala, 2013 and 2014

Recognitions and Awards – Dr Anne Merriman

Award from International Association of Hospice and Palliative care for initiating and promoting palliative care in Africa, 2001

Honorary fellowship from John Moore’s University, Liverpool for contribution to relief of pain in the world, 2002

Member of the British Empire (MBE) for contribution to health in Uganda, 2003

Honorary fellowship of University College Dublin School of Medicine, 2009

Honorary DSc Edge Hill University, Merseyside for contributions to palliative care in Africa, 2010

African Palliative Care Association Lifetime Achievers Award, 2013

Irish Presidential Award for Irish Abroad, 2013

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, 2014

Award for contribution to palliative care in Kenya and Africa, KEHPCA, 2014


HomePC NewsRecognitions