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Due to the scarcity of health workers and the large number of patients in need, CVWs are important providers of health services, often ensuring patients who have no family or other carers are supported. CVWs are important liaisons between patients, HAU and other healthcare providers, ensuring not only palliative care needs are addressed but also other healthcare services support is provided. CVWs are trained by HAU to provide patients with basic nursing care, including assessment, cleaning wounds, psychosocial support and referrals to appropriate health services. With their familiarity with the community CVWs ensure patients in need are found and supported. CVWs are also advocates, ensuring palliative care is embedded in the community. Those patients identified by CVWs in need of palliative care are referred to one of the three HAU hospices where they are assessed and either put on the programme or referred to a more appropriate provider. CVWs also play a major role in outreaches, ensuring they well organised and patients are aware and come for the clinics.

Community Volunteer Worker with her bike given by HAU Little Hospice Hoima
A community volunteer with her bike given by HAU Little Hospice Hoima after completion of a training and three months of dedicated service.