At each HAU hospice there are outpatient services open daily. Patients, some referred by other medical services providers, some by community volunteer workers, some self-referrals, come to HAU in pain and desperate. Patients are seen as they come, whether they can financially contribute to their care or not. Patients are seen for as long as is necessary, clerking new patients can take three or four hours to ensure all medical, social and spiritual issues are understood. Where appropriate patients are enrolled on the HAU programme, where not they are referred to an appropriate health care provider. Patients who come on to the programme a plan is created for to manage their symptoms and pain and for the next consultant.

From this initial visit patients will often be seen primarily at their home; however, patients are welcome to come to any outpatient clinic or call an HAU clinical team member at any time. The outpatient clinics are available for patients or their family members to come for adjustments to medications, or merely to pickup refills of medications.