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Hospice Africa Uganda from its inception has relied on the support of friends and partners donating time, funds and equipment to ensure patients in need are supported. HAU has and continues to work with large partners including DFID and USAID. HAU also receives support from corporate and NGO partners and individual donors.

While a significant portion of HAU support comes in the form of programme grants, HAU is always working to bring in more unrestricted funds to support those costs that are difficult to secure funding for through grants. This includes administrative costs, salaries, patient care and others.
HAU appreciates all the donations that are made to support its work and its patients. There are several ways to support HAU. Please consider HAU membership, offering a one time or monthly donations or contributing to one of our ongoing fundraising efforts.

Local resource mobilisation

Patients at HAU make a modest contribution of UGX 10,000 (approx. $3) per review towards the total care costs of UGX 86,200 ($30). Patient review is usually once a month.

Membership fee: See attached HAU membership document

Student hostels - named Kateregga and Fazal houses:

HAU generates additional income through students’ hostels at Hospice Africa Kampala. These hostels accommodate a range of customers including students, international volunteers and visitors.

See attached document with the rates

Merchandising through the Charity shop:

HAU runs a charity shop to generate more income towards patient care. Items for sale in the charity shop are generously contributed by team members, friends of Hospice, visitors and corporate companies. Whatever you would like to donate will be extremely appreciated. The charity shop has items like:

  • Jewelry
  • Books & magazines
  • Picture frames
  • Furniture
  • Trinkets
  • Cloths
  • Bags
  • African crafts
  • Kitchen items

Resource mobilization by hiring out Hospice facilities

    HAU hires out its facilities and service like:

  • Board room
  • Conference room
  • Event gardens
  • Event tents
  • Party tables and chairs
  • Ample parking space

    See attached photos of the above mentioned services

Fees payments

The IHPCA continue to strengthen the resource mobilization function to ensure sustainability of education programs. Such programs included training in short courses like traditional healers and allied health professional courses. All funds generated from the above strategies are ploughed back into patient as well as subsiding the gap in administration costs. We appreciate USAID for their financial support towards improving these sustainability projects.

Support HAU

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