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Hospice Africa Uganda on 26th October, 2016 launched a fundraising drive that led to the official ground-breaking in November of the dame year for an exciting new centre of excellence called the BEEHIVE HOSPICE to help improve the care, expand quality of services and reach more patients in need of palliative care mainly those suffering from terminal illnesses like Cancer and HIV/Aids.

The new centre of excellence facility is estimated to cost $1 million and  have three building blocks; (Office block, children centre and adults block) and will have a palliative care training facility for health workers in the region that extends to Rwanda, Tanzania and Eastern Congo. The project will enable patients in Mbarara district and the entire South Western region especially those from poor families to have enough space to receive quality services for a better start in life.

We have been providing palliative care to patients and families in Mbarara and South Western districts through our branch, the Mobile Hospice Mbarara (MHM) and we have cared for 11,000 HIV/AIDS and cancer patients including 786 children and currently we have about 800 patients on our program.

There is therefore need to increase the space to accommodate the large number of patients being cared for and we call on everyone to join us to improve patient care by giving generously towards the construction of the BEEHIVE project so that we can provide quality palliative care to thousands of seriously ill and dying people in Uganda, majority of whom are vulnerable poor women and children and be able to change their lives for better and live a life of dignity. 

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